Utilizes Polygon Network and Hyperledger Fabric.

  • Panhwar Token on Polygon network via Polygonscan for Ethereum scalability.
  • Polygon as Layer 2 prioritizes transaction speed and cost reduction.
  • Four-month lockup period for price stability.
  • Panhwar Crypto's backup blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric.
  • Private, supported by IBM, Intel, Cisco and American Express.
  • Safeguards against risks, ensures seamless scalability.
  • Future plans: Private blockchain for own cryptocurrency.
  • Transparent, manipulation-resistant, and secure transactions.
  • Independence from traditional banks for scalability.

POOLS: Airdrop Rewards and Savings Opportunities

Panhwar Crypto is launching its first pool of 40,625,000 tokens, granting holders access to airdrop rewards related to the performance of Panhwar Auto and Panhwar Jet, based on their holdings' size. Future releases will see Panhwar Crypto rolling out more token pools for use similar to any worldwide currency, providing holders with exclusive discounts but not tied to airdrop rewards.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are auto-executable codes that ensure tamper-free fulfillment of obligations. These contain logic that defines the transaction and are deployed on the blockchain. In the case of PNWR Tokens, the smart contracts are deployed on the Polygon network.

Blockchain Collapses

If public blockchains were entirely secure, Ethereum Classic would have endured. Yet, acknowledging their vulnerabilities, we implement sharding to guarantee that, in any adverse situation, full transaction details are preserved on Hyperledger. Thus, participants in Panhwar Crypto are safeguarded from potential losses.

Price Volatility

Panhwar Crypto, a stable and forward-looking enterprise, is mindful of the cryptocurrency market's significant volatility and aims to shield its participants from these uncertainties. The decision to list the token on decentralized (DEX) and centralized (CEX) exchanges will be at the discretion of Panhwar Crypto's management, based on the needs of the business.

To mitigate risks, Panhwar Crypto has chosen Hyperledger Fabric, a permissioned blockchain platform.

Hyperledger Fabric's flexible architecture enables the integration of various components frequently found in public blockchains. While it operates independently, this blockchain framework also allows for the implementation of consensus algorithms typical of public blockchain settings.

When tokens are stored in third-party wallets, holders may encounter risks beyond the issuer's influence. However, by using a private wallet created on Hyperledger Fabric, it's possible to implement predefined rules aimed at enhancing data privacy protection, providing a safer environment for token storage.