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About Panhwar Crypto

Panhwar Crypto is reshaping the digital currency world with its Panhwar Token, now offering airdrop rewards. This approach offers holders a unique opportunity to engage with the aviation and automotive industries without implying guaranteed returns.

The progress of the Panhwar Token is closely linked to innovative leaders in the aviation and automotive fields. This connection allows holders to participate in a community focused on transparency and excellence, making Panhwar Token (PNWR) a standout choice. It merges the excitement of the crypto market with real-world advancements, emphasizing sustainability, innovation, and industry transformation, through community engagement rather than financial promises.


Key features of Panhwar Crypto

Airdrop Rewards Approach

PNWR enhances community engagement by offering airdrop rewards related to the achievements of Panhwar Jet and Panhwar Auto, providing perks that reflect the companies' growth.

Innovative Blockchain Architecture

PNWR operates on a secure Hyperledger Fabric blockchain deployed on the Polygon network, ensuring investor security and scalability.

Risk Reduction and Token Characteristics

PNWR rewards early participants with a 20% bonus, includes a referral initiative, and features a liquidity pool that distributes rewards linked to partner company achievements, enhancing holder benefits.


Why Choose Panhwar Token?

As an organization, we are committed to the impact potential of Panhwar Token's airdrop rewards model, directing our resources towards eco-friendly initiatives and nurturing a community-centric cryptocurrency culture. Our dedication to openness in operations and a focus on generating positive outcomes positions Panhwar Token as a distinct and ethically minded option for our financial advancement and our broader goals in promoting sustainability.

Airdrop Rewards

Setting itself apart from conventional tokens, the PNWR Token occupies a unique niche by offering holders the chance to engage with the advancements of two leading companies revolutionizing the aviation and automotive sectors.

Community Engagement

PNWR Token boosts its appeal by engaging with communities centered around major innovators in the aviation and automotive sectors, providing members a chance to contribute to the success stories of these visionary companies through active participation and support.

Sustainable Innovation

PNWR Token goes beyond the traditional digital asset framework, representing a forward-thinking approach to cryptocurrency engagement. It focuses on eco-friendly practices, cutting-edge innovation, and transformative developments.



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Revolutionizing Digital Assets: Introducing the Panhwar Token (PNWR) Whitepaper


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Innovative Panhwar Token (PNWR) – Open the Door to a New Era in Crypto Participation! Enjoy Airdrop Rewards connected to two trailblazing companies at the forefront of revolutionizing the Aviation and Automotive sectors!

The roadmap to success

Panhwar Jet Timeline

Supported by Panhwar Jet's dedicated teams, contributors, and investors, these are the key milestones they aim to reach

MAY 2024 Inaugural Flight
DEC 2024 Pre-orders Estimated at $100 Million
JUN 2026 Regulatory Approval
DEC 2026 Initiation of Aircraft Deliveries

Panhwar Auto Timeline

OCT 2023 Drivetrain Assembly Completed
MAR 2024 Converting BMW Z4 into Electric Car
APR 2024 First Test Drive
DEC 2025 Initial Production Run, 1,000 units

Our Team

Ryan Higgins
Strategy Advisor

Ryan Higgins

Strategy Advisor

Accomplished Chief Operating Officer highly regarded for applying industry best practices using innovative technology to exponentially cut costs, streamline operations and increase productivity. Adept at identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses to devise solutions profoundly impacting bottom-line profits.

Known for surpassing financial and service objectives via a combination of world-class delivery, lean operation methods renewed marketing directives, and creating incentive-driven rewards for team achievement. It derives genuine pleasure from transforming high-potential staff into outstanding leaders demonstrating the creativity critical to financial and operating success. Instrumental in taking a Billion Dollar renewable energy company public on the NYSE by hitting critical milestones within 2 years, by increasing growth by 760%.

Carlos Said
Board of Advisor

Carlos Said

Board of Advisor

Carlos Said, a seasoned executive, serves as a distinguished Board Member and Chief Executive Officer with extensive experience leading multinational companies and Private Equity Funds across diverse industries. His professional journey spans various sectors, including Industrial Manufacturing, Automation Services, Technology, and Services. Carlos is renowned for his proficiency in identifying and executing M A opportunities, implementing synergies, orchestrating turnarounds, and managing disinvestments.

Beyond his strategic expertise, Carlos is distinguished by his passion for implementing disruptive strategies and business models that drive innovation and growth. His collaborative approach to decision-making ensures informed choices that contribute to the organization's overall benefit and success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of PNWR Token. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is PNWR Crypto?

Panhwar Crypto: Your Portal to Engaging with Sustainable Innovations. The PNWR Token is uniquely positioned as a token that facilitates community engagement, backed by involvement in two emerging eco-conscious manufacturing startups in the aviation and automotive sectors. What distinguishes PNWR token is its grounding in real contributions to industry innovators. These startups are equipped with cutting-edge technology and a proven presence in their markets, setting the stage for impactful growth driven by community support and airdrop rewards.

You can make a purchase using any internationally accepted currency.

Once PNWR period is launched, You can purchased Token with any internationall accepted currency.

Panhwar Crypto Token grants holders access to airdrop rewards, correlating with their share of participation in Panhwar Auto and Panhwar Jet, influenced by the size of their holdings.