SCI Research

SCI Research

While there is no true cure for spinal cord injuries, there is more research happening than ever before. Many researchers and doctors believe that a cure is in our sights, but a timeline as to when it will arrive is still in question. The good news is that the research occurring across the world is varied and exciting and many human trials are underway.

Stem cell research is still one of the frontrunners when it comes to viable treatments. Bridging, cell replacement and regeneration are all areas of spinal cord injury research that stem cells can assist with. Epidural stimulation is also creating a lot of buzz, since many people in these trials are able to stand after the treatment, yet they cannot walk independently. Gene replacement therapy is also being used to trick the body into creating new nerve cells.

One of the best places to find out the latest in spinal cord injury research is the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. One of the largest donors to spinal cord injury research in the world, they have a thorough spinal cord research section on their site looking at the most hopeful treatments and research projects. To view their page dedicated to spinal cord injury research, click here.

The Mayo Clinic is another excellent place to look at the latest in spinal cord injury research. They are active in many different areas of spinal cord injury research, including epidural stimulation, which is an exciting treatment that can help people have some return of mobility by stimulating the spinal cord with electricity. Learn more here.

To see the full-breadth of research going on around the world, check out the endParalysis Foundation. From China to Australia, they profile the most hopeful research. To view the research, labs currently recruiting patients, and to learn more about this foundation, click here.


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