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Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries The main causes of spinal cord injuries have changed over the years. The chart below reflects the most recent data on the causes of spinal cord injury since
Spinal Cord Injury Info Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries The main causes of spinal cord injuries have changed over the years. The chart below reflects the most recent data on the causes of spinal cord injury since
Sex and Intimacy Note: Adult language will be used in the following learning portal. Please be advised. Put away your doubts; you can have sex after a spinal cord injury. We won't lie - having damage to the
Finding and Paying for a Caregiver Paying for Personal Care Attendants Many people with spinal cord injuries require personal care attendants (PCAs) to help them with daily living activities once they are discharged from the
ADA And Disability Rights The Americans with Disabilities Act and Disability Rights One out of five Americans has a disability, making people with disabilities the largest minority group in the United States. Because
Clinical Trials: Find and Apply to a SCI Trial The spinal cord injury research world is growing rapidly, with plenty of opportunities for people with spinal cord injuries to take part in clinical trials in the U.S. There are also many
What Your Level of Injury Means To explain how the spinal cord works, doctors long ago created a chart that outlines how each segment of the spinal cord controls the body. At the top of the spinal cord is where the most
Finding a job Finding a job while living with a disability Maintaining employment can be incredibly rewarding if you live life with a disability. Holding a job while living with a disability can help you gain
Driving Adaptations Nothing is better than the feeling of driving; you can't get more independent than driving your own vehicle. Luckily, a spinal cord injury won’t stop you from getting behind the wheel. The freedom
Free Employment Benefit Counselor Free benefits counselor If you receive Social Security cash benefits—SSI or SSDI—you may be eligible for free benefits counseling through the Social Security Administration. The Social
Perspective is Everything Perspective Is Everything Understanding that perspective changes how we experience the world around us can help with living a happier, more productive life. What is perspective? Perspective is
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Guest Post: COVID Vaccine From a Vent-User Perspective by Antonia Sinibaldi
November 19, 2021,
8:35 PM
(Antonia Sinibaldi is a regular contributor and ambassador for SPINALpedia. She's also an author, singer and has been a vent-dependent Read More
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Guest Post – Lessons from Nature: Transforming Rock Bottoms into Mountain Tops by Kendra
November 09, 2021,
8:14 PM
(Kendra is a T10 paraplegic from Alberta, Canada, and was injured in 2018 in a recreational accident) Ah the mountains. Read More
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Guest Post: Returning to Graduate School After a Spinal Cord Injury by Chris Barkley
October 25, 2021,
6:44 PM
(Chris Barkley is a C4 quadriplegic from Spokane, Washington and is attending Arkansas State University) My name is Chris, and Read More
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